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Greenhouse farming in India is gaining popularity fast. One can make a huge profit from polyhouse farming. Greenhouses can seem a costly affair but however, governments provide subsidies for the process. Here are the complete details on greenhouse technology, how to construct a greenhouse, and maintain it.

Keeping in mind the diverse requirements of the clients, we offer Polyhouse Structure that can provide higher temperature and/or humidity that are available in the environment. The polytunnels /polyhouses protect crops from intense heat, bright sunlight and strong winds. This helps the crops to grow in all seasons. Every factor influencing the crops can be controlled in a polyhouse. The polyhouses provide protection from excess rainfall, wind current, scorching sunlight and extreme cold conditions..

  • Organic farming become easier under these structures
  • Protection from birds, animals and human activities
  • Protection from excess rainfall, wind current & extreme cold conditions.
Advantages of Greenhouse/Polyhouse Farming:
  • Protection from excess rainfall, wind current, scorching sunlight and extreme cold conditions
  • Certain crops can be grown around the year in a particular place for continuous supply
  • Production of uniform quality crops
  • Production will be conducted throughout the year
  • Protection from birds, animals and human activities
  • Productivity is 8 to 10 times higher than the crops grown in open fields
  • Management of insect pests, diseases and weeds is easier to control
  • Required minimum labor, water, and fertilizers
  • Organic farming is easier under these structures
  • Any type of land even unproductive soil can be used for the erection of these structures
  • Precise irrigation and fertilization is possible
  • • Export-orientation production is possible under these greenhouse farming.


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