Financial Services

The scope of Agriculture related activities cover a wide range of pre & post-harvest processes resulting in value addition and/or enhanced storage life such as cleaning, grading, waxing, controlled ripening, labeling, packing and packaging, warehousing, canning, freezing, freeze-drying, various levels of product processing (primary/secondary); for which a stable financial holding is necessary.

We help or clients with complete process for acquiring funds and finances from various financial institutions for either setting up a new Agro Project, Food & Agro Processing unit or Expansion / Renovation / Modernization / Increased Efficiency / Improvement in product quality of existing Agro Projects, Food & Agro Processing units. and also provide Insurance for the project.

Technical Services

We understand that agrotech projects require a different set of technical knowledge, machines, and inputs. These are constantly being improved and developed, following increasing research dedicated to alternative farming systems. We have a broad network of our own agronomists and consultants, agricultural research institutes, and technology and input providers who support our farmers with topics such as sophisticated machinery, pest control, fertilizers, and composting and mechanization. Together with our partners, we are working to improve the yields and quality of their projects.

Training Services

Through our training programs, you will get the opportunity to gain hands-on experience in setup and maintenance of a variety or Agro related Projects. We help you learn the most efficient methods by using the newest and most up-to-date agricultural machinery and technology in our training programs. Our dedicated hosts help you learn the necessary business, technology, and management skills to be successful in the rapidly changing industry.

By participating in one of our training programs, you will be able to strengthen your existing skills while learning new techniques that will help you feel more confident and prepared for the future. These accomplishments could never be acquired in the classroom alone, as they are the direct result of the one-on-one training between our trainers and the participants.

Setup & Maintenance

In food manufacturing, maintenance supports various key objectives, a number of which are unique to food production. Maintenance plays a very important role in food manufacturing which means that like any other industry, one of the key roles of maintenance in food production is to keep processes going without unplanned downtime. The better that food and beverage manufacturers keep up on their equipment upkeep, the lower the chances will be that their processes are interrupted by a breakdown.

Whenever equipment breaks down in a food manufacturing facility, it puts the product itself at risk. The longer food is left to sit out, the higher the chances they will have to be discarded, due to spoils. For products that have strict temperature control requirements, the likelihood of food going bad increases. In a facility that produces thousands of pounds of product every day, that can result in massive losses in addition to the reduced production time.

Naturally, preventing breakdowns with preventive maintenance can all but eliminate these losses. Maintenance work helps keep machines in a state that complies with government standards.

Therefore, here at Startup Agrotech, we provide annual maintenance plans for your agro setup. So that you can focus on business growth, without any petty hiccups.

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