Agro-Processing Units

Agro-Processing Units

The main objective of Agro-processing units developed by Startup Agrotech is to provide set up, training and technical assistance for the creation and expansion of small and medium sized agro-processing enterprises. The Agro-processing Unit focuses on product research and development for the transformation of local produce into value-added agricultural products as well as the transfer of technology for agro-business development to improve income generation and food security.

Some of the main activities performed by the Unit are: To coordinate training such as food safety, standards, labeling and packaging of products, and quality control with the respective agency for training. Increase the variety of agro-based processed products in the local markets, improve the quality of products. Increase the number of small and medium enterprises involved in the processing of agricultural commodities.

The provides professional and financial services which shall cover the following sectors:

  • Fruits and vegetables processing.
  • Spices processing.
  • Cereal/other consumer food products.
  • Oilseeds products.
  • Rice and flour milling.
  • Pulse processing.
  • Herbal, medicinal, flower and aromatic products.
  • Minor forest produce processing.
  • Honey processing.
  • Milk processing.
  • Meat (other than beef), Poultry, Fishery processing.
  • Cattle feed, poultry feed, fish meal products.
  • Non edible agriculture produce processing.
  • Other such Agricultural and horticultural product processing activities for preparing food flavours and colours, oleoresins and mushrooms products.
  • Agro waste processing units.
  • Infrastructure projects: collection/aggregation center warehouses, cold storages, food irradiation processing plants, cold chain, pack houses, agro-processing clusters or parks declared by state government, reefer vans etc.


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