Cereals & Pulses

Cereals are an integral part of our lives, as they are the only food products that provide instant energy. Rich in nutrients, cereals come in the form of rice or corns.


Seeds have stored foods inside them and are confined in coverings known as seed coats. The process of reproduction in a plant is completed after the seeds are developed fully.


Spices are defined as dried seed or fruit, in whole or powder form, used as food additives for enhancing the flavor or taste of a particular food item. India produces 3.2 million tonnes of various spices.


Fruits are a rich source of many important nutrients like fibers, vitamins, water, etc. The daily consumption of fruits keeps one healthy and at the same time maintain a young look.


Vegetables, the edible part of a plant, are rich sources of several vital nutrients, contributing immensely to the overall growth of the living being.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

The need for having a healthy and tasty snack in between our regular food time can be satisfied with the consumption of dry fruits and nuts. They fully satisfy the taste buds, and one need not worry about gaining weight!

Edible Oils

India is the 4th largest user of edible oil. Edible oils are basic ingredients used in the making of foods and other eatables.

Essential Oils

Essential oil, a concentrated liquid that is high on volatile aromatic compounds, is largely used in aromatherapy. Also known as ethereal oil, it has the aroma of distinctive scent of the aromatic plant from which it is extracted.


Associated with emotions like love, happiness and relationship, flowers have helped us in loving Nature and respecting its wonders. A flower consists of male and female organs known as stamen and pistil.


The role of fertilizers cannot be ignored in agriculture. These are the compounds that are given to the soil to help nurture the plant facilitating increased yields.

Beverages & Juices

Stimulating beverages and juices are the most opted ‘drink intake’ in the stressful life that we lead today. Whether it is processed leaves or roasted seeds/powder, beverages provide instant relief to stress.


To enable livestock to remain healthy and thereby perform their activities, they are provided with fodder or animal feed. Fodder includes hay, straw, sprouted legumes, etc.

Dairy Products

Rich in calcium, protein, Vitamin A and Vitamin B12, etc. dairy products are recommended to people right from their infant age, as they help built strength and immunity system.

Aromatic Plants

Aromatic plants have essential or aromatic oils naturally occurring in them. They help heal mental ailments and other diseases.

Herbal Products

Herbs have exotic flavor, medicinal properties, scent, etc. They are used as medicines, facilitating curing of ailments at a faster pace.

Agricultural Machinery & Equipment

Agricultural equipment have revolutionized the agricultural industry worldwide. They help in increasing and improving the productivity content to a great extent.

Coconut & Coir Products

Coir is a rough, coarse fibre, used in making mats, etc. Extracted from the outer core of the coconut which is fibrous, the coir fibre is made up of 1/3rd of the coconut pulp.

Meat & Poultry Food

Meat is a class of food items, obtained from fat and skeletal tissues of animals and birds. They are a vital source of various vitamins and minerals.

Processed Food & Snacks

Processed food or snack items, available in canned, frozen, refrigerated, form, etc. are less susceptible to early spoilage than fresh foods. They satisfy the taste buds to a great extent.

Pickles & Condiments

Pickles and condiments are fermented or preserved and are added to the main dish to enhance their taste value and making them more delicious.

Marine Food Supplies

A sea animal or sea weed that is served in the form of edible food is termed as marine food or seafood. Being a rich source of protein, marine food helps in the reduction of calories and saturated fatty acids in our body.

Cattle Feed (Pashu Aahar)

We help you with every aspect of setting up a cattle feed plant from ground up.

Feed Supplements

We provide a large number of benefits for animal health and nutrition under this project.

Other Agro Products

Agro products are limitless and have an even larger number of sub-products like natural honey, flour or sugar etc..


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