Feed Supplement

Feed supplement is the food given to the Animals. If an animal cannot get proper nutrition diet that includes vitamins, amino acid, and minerals. Their growth may restrict. Animal feed supplements include Protein Digest in powder and liquid form. The protein supplements are excellent sources of organic Nitrogen which is required for proper growth and functioning of the animals for eg., weight gain in beef production. The Protein Digest product comprises of various essential and non-essential amino acids and short-chained peptides imperative to normal growth of the animal. The High Protein supplement product is useful during gestation and lactation period of animals.

Some Range of Protein Digest includes:

  • Protein Digest H Pro (Soluble Protein Concentrate with Protein 75-80%) Powder
  • Protein Digest M Pro (Soluble Protein Concentrate with Protein 55-60%) Powder
  • Protein Digest L Pro (Soluble Protein Concentrate with Protein 30%) Liquid
  • Protein Digest L Pro (Soluble Protein Concentrate with Protein 20%) Liquid
  • Mineral Amino Acid Chelates ( Glycinate / Proteinate )


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